Futbol Academy


Year-round weekly training program. Boys & Girls U9-U17 – Beginner to Premier. Players are divided in small groups (12-16), divided based on age and skill level, and meet once a week for a 1.5 hr training session for 7 consecutive weeks. Six sessions are offered during the year.

Program Overview

The Brazilian Way Futbol Academy delivers an advanced training methodology with the primary objective of improving the individual’s ability to make decisions on the soccer field, so that they will excel at applying the club's curriculum and styles of play in games. As the Brazilian Philosophy dictates, the fundamentals of the sport are highly emphasized (i.e. dribbling, passing, receiving, finishing, heading, etc) so that they can be applied to game situations with incredible creativity. This program will also introduce players to the concept of functional training, emphasizing all the specifics of each position on the field.

Ultimately, the Brazilian Way Futbol Academy aims to create a training environment where players learn, develop and understand the game by using their own creativity. Our approach gives individual ownership to the player. Experience has proven that when you give a player ownership of a thought, idea or practical execution of a skill, they are more motivated to carry it through to the end. Thus by guiding their creativity, players can be coerced into making logical decisions, allowing them to remain calmer and at an optimal state to work their way out of trouble. The Brazilian Way is all about developing confidence and instilling passion in the player.


  • Inspire players to practice and improve their ball control, foot skills and decision making for which Brazilian soccer is famous
  • Challenge players to raise their game and reach new heights within an excellent learning environment
  • Unique program combining learning and fun; players are grouped according to age and ability with restricted class size
  • Custom curriculum designed to provide players with expert level training by professional Brazilian coach
  • Climate controlled indoor environment
  • Written player evaluations
  • Unique player gift

This program has been run in partnership with FC Alliance (Knoxville, TN). The Brazilian Way Futbol Academy program can be customized to fit the curriculum of any youth soccer club or association.